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Sharon Blake

Therapeutic Pulse
CranioSacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Myofascial Release, Therapeutic Massage
Area Served: Fox Valley

I am committed to helping adults, infants, and children find a new level of health and balance. By listening to the subtle rhythms of the body, previously undetected restrictions can be addressed and removed, leading to a healthier system. CranioSacral Therapy is especially helpful for infants and children. It is an extremely safe and gentle treatment that helps your newborn get a healthier start on life. Common issues such as colic, reflux and difficulties with nursing can be lessened. New mothers benefit from the calming of their nervous system and the balancing effect it has on their hormones. These gentle treatments are a welcome alternative to drug therapies.


Jill Coulter

dsc_0048.JPGCPM, LM
Birthwise Health and Birth Center
Area Served: Northeast Wisconsin


Shae Doran

Breath of Life Chiropractic
Specific chiropractic care for the whole family, with an emphasis on women and children
Area Served: Fox Cities, Green Bay, Shawano, Oshkosh

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his or her patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
—Thomas Edison

As a chiropractor, I believe in the bodies ability to heal itself. Chiropractic helps people of all ages live a healthier, longer life. I’m passionate about good health, avoiding sickness and disease, spending time with the people who matter most to you, and my faith in Jesus Christ. What a more important time to promote good health than when you are pregnant! Chiropractic care during pregnancy offers the best opportunity for your baby’s new start in life. It keeps the body balanced, providing the mother with greater comfort and ease of delivery. I offer free consultations in a friendly, warm environment located within a beautiful Birthcenter in Appleton. Please call me with any of your questions. I can’t wait to meet you!
Dr. Shae


Anja Farin

Childbirth Educator, Doula, Midwife
Area Served: Appleton and the surrounding areas
(920) 574-3074; (920) 882-8021

Anja began teaching childbirth classes 1997, when she completed training in The Bradley Method. She is currently working towards re-certification with Association of Labor Assistance and Childbirth Educators (ALACE), and draws on her years of experience to nurture couples through their childbearing year. Anja believes that birth is a natural, normal event in the life cycle of women, and that women who are supported during a natural childbirth gain confidence and empowerment that will serve them throughout their lives.


Jennifer Metzenbauer

Peaceful Birth Services
Birth and Postpartum Doula Services
Area Served: Fox Valley


Leah Olson

Whole Family Health, LLC
Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupressure for Labor & Delivery
Area served: Fox Cities

Pregnancy should be a joyful time for all women. It is a time to pamper yourself, a time to slow down and be mindful of the new life inside you. Unfortunately, for many women the nausea, aches and pains, emotional ups and downs and other complaints of pregnancy can cast a cloud over even the healthiest pregnancy.

Just because your symptoms may be part of a normal, healthy pregnancy, doesn’t mean you have to suffer through them. Acupuncture is a safe and natural therapy that can be an integral part of your pregnancy and postpartum care.


Mary Smits

mary.jpgCD, CBE, (CBI)
Certified Doula and Childbirth Educator Childbirth International
Mother’s Advocate Doula Services
Mother’s Choice Birth Education
Area Served: Fox Cities
920-759-0771 and 920-475-5313

Birth is a powerful experience. Pregnancy is a journey; one of the most important journeys of your lifetime. As a birthing mother, do you know where you want this adventure to take you? Having a doula by your side will help you see the path ahead more clearly, and ease your steps along the way. As your doula, I will offer compassionate, knowledgeable support, while respecting your wishes. Learn more about me and my doula services at my website

Mother’s Choice Birth Education is private, personalized, birth education, custom tailored to meet your needs.
My classes take a new approach to birth education in that they are topical and specific to each family’s needs. As women’s educational needs vary, class topics, lengths, and costs vary as well. For this reason I do not have a set series of classes. That’s what “Mother’s Choice” is all about – achieving exactly what you need in efficient, personal, and custom fit classes. Simply call or email me to set up your custom class itinerary.


Marijke van Roojen

mvr-and-laiba1LM, CPM
BirthWise Health and Birth Center
Serving Northeast Wisconsin including Appleton, Oshkosh, Green Bay, Door County

Our services include individualized and comprehensive prenatal care, birth attendance at home or in the birth center, water birth, lactation support, and postpartum care for you and your baby.

We believe that the birth experience belongs to you and your intimate family. We encourage you to be an active participant in your own healthcare and will make every effort to provide you with information and education regarding all options, so that you can make truly informed choices about your care.

There is an inherent perfection in childbearing and birth as a significant life process, one which does best without interference. We understand that attempts to control the process inevitably alters it, and frequently may harm a delicate balance. We embrace non-intervention consciously, quietly witnessing and facilitating the spontaneous process of pregnancy, labor and birth, utilizing interventions only as truly necessary for the safety and well-being of mother and child.

Our practice reflects an awareness and integration of cultural standards, midwifery and medical standards and an ability to network with available social and health care services and resources as needed.


Tiffany Vollrath

tiffany.jpgMT-BC, CD (DONA)
Harmony Doula Services
Birth Doula and Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth
Area served: Appleton, Neenah/Menasha, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac

Having a Doula for your childbirth experience adds many benefits to you, your partner and your baby. I believe that every woman deserves to experience her ideal birth in a calm, safe, and supportive environment. This is my personal goal for every birth I participate in.


Kim Wildner

Intuitu LLC
HypnoBirthing classes, hypnosis (particularly applications relating to the childbearing year, like fear release, nausea, malpositioned babies, etc.)
Area Served: Green Bay to Milwaukee

Women are built to to give birth. Babies come out.