Professional support helping you have a more satisfying childbearing experience.

Our Mission

mschalke070500011.jpgOur mission as the Valley Birth Network is to provide information and referrals about supportive and alternative birth services throughout the childbearing years.

We support caregivers, educators, and birth support professionals in the Northeast Wisconsin area who work together to ensure that each woman receives the tools and information she needs to be in control of her own decisions throughout her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Our Beliefs


  • Childbirth is an inherently normal process.
  • Each woman should be provided with the physical, emotional, and psychological care necessary to feel supported and informed throughout her pregnancy and birth process, instilling confidence in women and their ability to give birth.
  • We feel that empowerment through knowledge of alternatives enables women and their birth companions to comfortably and authoritatively make their own decisions throughout the pregnancy and the birth.
  • Services should be available to any woman.